My Body

The Power this body of mine holds is breath taking. The need the want the energy they comes threw this body is like none other. If this body submits to you worship this body of mine.


Thinking about you.

Her old friend her old fling from years and years before.

Some news hits her ears.

She’s shocked to learn that he is gone.

She will never see him about but only in her dreams

The last words she was told that he said is he missed her and he should of never left.

The tears run down her face as she sobs in her silence..

I’ll always miss you she says as she sobs alone in her silence.

Feel beautiful little one

She stood there feeling insecure about her body. To her self she thought I’m not skinny I’m not beautiful..

When she met him he told her you are beautiful every inch of you. You forget that you get punished…

She thought to herself is he right am I beautiful. She looked long and hard at herself….

yes he is right I am BEAUTIFUL

She waits…

She silently waits. Her mind races, what’s he gonna do ? What did he go to do ? Where is he?

She waits….

Suddenly she hears the door open. His foot steps, his breath. Her entire body fills with excitement. Her mouth slightly opens.

She feels his thumb bringing her bottom lip down exposing her teeth. She was lost in sensation. She was His.

His to do with as he needed and she was perfectly free..